About Us
Animal Canopy      
  Charity Reg. No. 1159870
We started Animal Canopy in December 2013 after years of fundraising/supporting other animal charities. With our mission and objectives clearly defined and stated, (as below)
we were up and running by February 2014.
 To improve animal welfare by raising funds to help small animal rescues.
We  aim   to  help  animal  charities  that  are  run  by  volunteers  and  where  every  penny  goes  for  the  benefit  of  the  animals.
We  only   help  animal  charities  that  are  accountable for  every  penny  they  spend.
We  do  not  help  animal  charities  that  pay  large salaries  and  bonuses  to  their  staff.

Our volunteers

Our Donations

Our volunteers raise funds in a varitey of ways including street and shop collections, craft fairs and coffee mornings. They also run tombolas at various carnivals and fetes.
Every six months, the trustees of Animal Canopy decide which charities will have a share of the money collected. These charities are chosen very carefully so your money is used for the benefit of the animals only and not lost in admin. costs or any other hidden expenses.